Ayurvedic Medicines For Indigestion

Based in Punjab, we are a credible Supplier of Ayurvedic Medicines For Indigestion. Chitrakadi Gutika Tablets, Hingvastak Churna, Khusamanda Rasayana Avaleha and Liv On Tablets are numerous Ayurvedic Medicines that we offer. These Ayurvedic Medicines are procured from the reliable sources of the industry. The medicines are formulated using natural ingredients under controlled conditions by the experts. They are well-known for high efficacy and causing no side-effects. Ayurvedic Medicines are packed in optimum quality packaging material to ensure long shelf life. Also, they are reasonably priced.

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Chitrakadi Gutika Tablets

We have in our store Chitrakadi Gutika Tablets that are indicated for treating indigestion. Chitrakadi Gutika Tablets are prepared using natural herbs and other ingredients with utmost care. These tablets also help in improving appetite and absorption of food. They treat Grahani (Malabsorption syndrome) and sets right digestive

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Hingvastak Churna

We are named among the renowned Suppliers of Hingvastak Churna. It is an effective remedy for relieving abdominal distension. Hingvastak Churna improves digestion and absorption of food. It can be used in indigestion, anorexia and all vata disorders. The Hingvastak Churna that we offer is well-tested and therefore, is safe to

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Khusamanda Rasayana Avaleha

Khusamanda Rasayana Avaleha act as appetizer, carminative, restorative, haematinic, haemostatic and expectorant. We are one of the leading Suppliers of Khusamanda Rasayana Avaleha. We procure Khusamanda Rasayana Avaleha from the certified sources of the market. When it comes to delivering Khusamanda Rasayana Avaleha, we are

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Liv On Tablets

Liv On Tablets are the effective proprietary medicine containing di8fferent types of herbs, which alleviate aggravated pita. These tablets enhance appetite so they are indicated in indigestion, loss of appetite, jaundice and other liver disorders. We are one of the prominent Suppliers of Liv On Tablets. We have a vast

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Indukantha Ghritham is a poly herbal medicated ghee preparation referenced from Sahasrayogam. It contains  an ideal combination of herbs, such as Putikaranja, Devadaru, Dasamoola, Trikatu, Chitraka and Saindhava which  nourishes the mucosa of GIT and provides immunity, strength and resistance to the body.

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